Friday, July 23, 2010

Ben Backstay was our bo'sun...

and I am a very merry girl!
Remember this fabric?

It is now a sailor skirt. I loved HH's suggestion of a sailor dress but I had 4 one yard pieces of this fabric and wasn't sure if I could weasel a dress out of it. I also don't know if it is a color I want near my face. So I compromised.

I used Built By Wendy's A line skirt pattern from Sew U as my base and the Sailor in Bermuda tutorial on BurdaStyle. I rotated the darts on the skirt front out into the waistline. Not sure if that is how I was supposed to do it but that is what I did so I could put in the sailor front. It wasn't all that difficult but it did require some thought as there are a few different pieces and the tutorial just gives you the basic pattern shapes and no instruction as to how to put them all together. You wind up with a good amount of layers in the side seams. I also did not line this skirt (sorry, mom) as I wanted it to be a summer skirt and I was dealing with enough pattern pieces already. I also hate inserting linings. I think I may try out the vintage route and not line my garments but make myself a little trousseau of slips to wear under it all. Easier sewing all around, n'est-ce pas?
An attempt at a close up for more detail

I was really surprised at how well Berteau behaved for the photos. He looks good in all the pictures. I on the other hand look only so so. On the walk back to the house he decided to he wanted to be a pin up model.

This is actually kind of the image I see in my head every time I walk him. Except there is more wrappage of the leash, more falling over, and lots more skirt going up.

and then he sat on my foot. He likes doing this for some reason.

When I got home I decided this outfit needed some jewelry and remembered that I had this fish necklace.

I had a great idea for the image I wanted but trying to take pictures of your self that involve close ups and a more specific idea don't really work.

This is more of what I had in mind except with the fish being the only thing in focus and everything else blurred out. Instead I just got a picture of my cleavage. I will be the art director and model if someone else could be the photographer. Luckily I know lots of photographers. Unfortunately that would involve even less regular blogging on my part. Oh well! off to make friends with my tripod!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Gone Campin...

Morning All!

I hate to destroy my nice run of daily posts without warning but I am taking the dog camping and will be back in a couple days.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Some 1920's inspiration

I was staring at myself in the mirror while at work yesterday (vain, I know, but I work in a hair salon. I enable vanity. I am the gatekeeper to the most fabulous vintage styled hair in Chicago) And my hair has been doing this really awesome, perfect set of finger waves. And some how I thought of a 1920's vamp look. Which is very simple. Heavy on the eyes, heavy on lips and draw on the most expressive set of brows you can manage. I absolutely adore silent films so I looked up images of some of my favorite actresses of that era.

Pola Negri

Clara Bow

Alla Nazimova

Gloria Swanson

My hair actually kind of looks like Clara Bow's and Nazimova's. Then after work I bought some dark lipstick because my plan is to take some portraits of myself (again with the vanity). But that won't be happening this weekend. We are taking the dog camping.

PS. Nazimova, who has got to be one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen, was godmother to Nancy Reagan.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bias Cut

I cut my own bias tape. I wanted to make sure I had enough for my project because I didn't want to have to stop in the middle and cut and piece more together. Then I made even more because there wasn't THAT much of the fabric left and I was doing it anyway.

I may have gone overboard.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Sketchbook Project 2011

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I am proudly participating in the Sketchbook Project and I am proudly being sponsored by local design firm Faucethead Creative.

You can find out more by following the links but in a nutshell: the sketchbook project is run by an art collective in Brooklyn and involves all the participants being sent the same sketchbook and then filling it in whatever way they wish in the next 6 months. The book must remain at the original dimensions when closed and you have to do something with it, no returning a blank book. The books are then taken on tour around the US. The books are able to be checked out like a library book. The books can also be digitized and stored in an online library. Oh yea. You must choose a theme (from a provided list) for your book. My theme is inside/outside.
Faucethead creative chose 4 people to sponsor. They are paying the entrance and digitization fees as well as postage and also being a creative support for us. Be sure and check out their blog, here or to the right, as they will also be posting updates on the project and are just super cool. They have also posted links to the other sponsored participants websites, a group of very awesome artists that I can't wait to meet.

My sketchbook was sent directly to Faucethead who put together a special package for us. (Have I mentioned how much I like getting things in the mail?)

I am the proud owner of my very own faucethead. Its like a trophy. And a giant kneadable eraser. When I took drawing class I always kept one in my hand, not necessarily for mistakes but to play with. It was like meditation. it helps me think. And it is better than smoking. And glue stick. Because collage is the art I have been practicing the longest. I think they read my mind.

Be sure to stay tuned as I will be posting about the process along the way!