Saturday, September 18, 2010

the lace museum, Calais

My friend Ksenia recently went to the north of France and visited the lace museum in Calais. She posted the following pictures on facebook with this message:

this is the lace museum at Calais, the north of France, where lace manufacturing has been traditional 4 centuries, and in the end - vintage models of dresses and underwear of couturiers that now are legends

I thought I would share them with you since they are so beautiful.

Lace as you please (1852-1870)
Industrial progress and the expansion of colonial possessions made the Second Empire a period of prosperity. The bourgeoisie, growing fast, wanted to show off its social and economic success. Feminine dress became the visible symbol of masculine success. Lace found price of place on dresses, which gradually increased in size, as well as on the multitude of accessories that propriety recommended using.

I love the merriwidow hiding on the left.

Check out this link for an english article about the museum that includes some history of lace making in Calais (it was actually smuggled in by lacemakers from Nottingham, England) and some images of some very nice lingerie!


Sew Adventurous said...

SO amazing! Beautiful!!

Nathalie said...

After accidentally choosing 1st May to daytrip to Calais only to discover that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING was shut and the town was empty (they certainly take Labour Day seriously there), it's gone down in our family as the most boring place in France... But it does seem to have some very beautiful lace. Thank you for sharing. Will have to visit that museum next time we're there!

Anonymous said...

I am simply drooling over the sheer fantasticness of these pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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