Wednesday, May 5, 2010

best dressed

I picked up a RedEye, Chicago Tribune's free daily, this morning on my walk with the dog. I have been making a habit of this to stock up on newspaper for our worm bin. I usually glance through it before before adding it to the pile in the closet. Today's has a page on the fashions seen at the Costume Institute Gala. A grand total of 6 pictures. Most of them declared a high fashion crime.


Yes, Joshua Jackson is wearing an ascot. No, this does not make him look like a character from Clue. A man wearing an ascot is hot. Hell, a man even knowing what an ascot is, is damn sexy. While this look isn't exactly formal I give him full points for not wearing a boring tux with a boring old black bow tie. He is wearing something that shows personality without being ridiculous. The ribbon flower in his lapel coordinates well and the choice of color was a good one.


Fusty, maybe. Outrageous, I like the shape of this dress. I like the tulle peeking out from the skirt. I like the teal and black color combo (the color in the paper was more muted and less bright than on my computer screen). This dress is very Chloe. My note on this actually reads "Chloe Sevigny looking very Chloe Sevigny". It is extremely refreshing to see a celebrity looks like they dressed themselves with out a stylist and not just once but always.

Why does being "best dressed" more about conforming to staus quo ideals of fashion and style and less about looking like you have a personality and are an actual person? The status quo isn't about style because there is not style without some character.

This is the reason I no longer read fashion magazines and why I could never work in retail.

And when did Claire Danes get married?

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