Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crafty Surprise

Awhile back I won a crafty surprise package from Minnietheminks over at Bubbledust. If you are on BurdaStyle you may know her because of this piece of amazing awsomeness.

(drool all over keyboard)

Anyway, in the middle of moving from New Zealand to Australia she found the time to put together and post this crafty packet for me.

We have, starting at the top and going clockwise, a lace inset that I see at the neck of a black sheath dress, genuine toggles from the costume shop of the film Avatar, flower trim that I believe was originally bought for the above awesomeness and never used, a large vintage button that Minnie thinks would be great as a brooch and I agree, some mother of pearl leaves and butterflies, some cute labels, some very pretty black and white print buttons that I just adore and some blue spangly fabric dots that once belonged to a transvestite. Minnie, do I just iron these on? I have no idea how to use them but I am racking my brain because they are fantastic.

Thanks ever so much to minnietheminks!

PS. I love receiving little bits of fun in the mail. So please feel free to mail me whatever bit of fun strikes your fancy.

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